Annual Retreat: an occasion for Spiritual Renewal

September 21, 2020. The Annual Retreat of 2020 for the Brothers in Postnovitiate was held at the Retreat House of Carmelites Sisters, Maubara from the 13th – 19th of September 2020. This time the number of retreatants (participants) was 57. Out of 57 retreatants, 40 were Brothers from the Postnovitiate Community. The preacher of the Retreat was Fr. Jose Ximenes SDB.

Fr. Apolinario Neto SDB (the Provincial) conducted a solemn prayer service to guide each one entering in prayerful moments and in the introductory talk he urged the retreatants to spend these opportune days listening to the Word of God through the preaching and sharing of reflections. He cited the Constitutions article 91: “…These are occasions of spiritual renewal which Don Bosco considered the fundamental part and the synthesis of all the practices of piety. For every salesian these are privileged moments for listening to the Word of God, discerning his will and purifying our hearts…”

The ambient of the Retreat was indeed serene and was maintaining the silence through the days that help every one to pray, reflect and listen to the Word of God. The preacher based his talks on the theme: RELIGIOUS LIFE IS FOLLOWING OF CHRIST AND AS AN ALTERNATE WORLD to guide the retreatants reflect on the core of Religious Life and its mission. The talks were delivered in the morning and in the afternoon for each day.

The nutshell of the talks of the Retreat are: 1) Put Christ at the centre of our existence, 2) Always start from the Gospel, 3)Leave your nest and head for the margins of humanity today.

The Retreat ended with the Eucharistic Celebration and Renewal of Religious commitment presided over by the Provincial on 19th of September 2020. We thank God for the fruitful week of the Spiritual Renewal and for the growth of our Vice-Province with good number of young salesian brothers in initial formation. May God bless us and St. Callistus Caravario, the Patron of our Vice-Province intercedes for us all.

(by: Bro. Amilcar Silva SDB)