Brother Jean Paul Muller SDB meets with aspirants

by: Fr. Gersio Amaral, SDB
On 16 September 2019, Brother Jean Paul Muller SDB, the Economer General meets with the aspirants (Aspirantado Salesiano) rightly after his family and fraternal talk with the novices in Dom Bosco Fatumaca. He opens his friendly talk with aspirants by telling them that they might feel usual or nothing extraordinary in Fatumaca because of the ordinary flowing activities of the day, such as; playing, eating, studying, working, praying, sleeping. It is extraordinary for someone coming from outside like him or any other young people because it is not as smooth as it is in many other places around the world. He told them his experiences in some countries that he was told by the people to not eat the chicken which is offered by anybody else because of the poison, and they even encourage him to not go out of the house because of the pollution. It is different to be here in Fatumaca where we are pleased with the fresh air and the healthy food. In Colégio Fatumaca, for him, it is in paradise. He said that on his way coming to Fatumaca, in Baucau, he saw the kids were cleaning the place and many of the rubbish are plastics, but here in Fatumaca the places are clean and free from the plastics. He told the students to keep this healthy ambient and take the responsibility for protecting the environment from the pollution.In answering the question which asked by one aspirant on his vocation and family, he explained the certain difficulties. His parents, both passed away and now he has only one brother and one sister. His Salesian vocation started with reading a book written by a protestant, where he got the idea that Don Bosco is a strong person in his social life, serving for the young and for the salvation of the young people. He was attracted by the life of Don Bosco and started to contact the Salesians in Germany where there was no Salesians in his homeland (Luxemburg). Even he was not allowed to go to Germany because of the passport which he could had only when he turned to the age of 18, but he was able to contact the Salesians by writing them a letter. He said that he got the challenge of the German in his initial Salesian formation in Germany, but then, now, the people thought that he is a German because of his fluency in German. Another challenges came in when he was making his religious profession, where his parents were not able to come to Germany because of the consequences of the 2nd world war. Then he continued, but the people of today is different with the people of that time, and now the people of the both countries are in a very good relationship. He also asked the aspirants to learn well English by which the other languages would be ease to learn, such as; Chinese, Germany and many other languages.After friendly and encouraging talk with the aspirants, in short minutes he played Matarkilis with the boys and then he continues the visit to the junior high school of Don Bosco Fatumaca and then to ESTV (Escola Secundária Técnica Vocacional) Dom Bosco Fatumaca.