In the province we have three sectors as the priority. They are formation, economy and school.

Formation: Objective: strengthen the formation given in the initial formation of East Timor… Target: houses of formation equipped with personnel; an updated comprehensive, specific formation program and facilities that are responsive to the needs of formandi, and the requirements of both church and society for Salesian educators Economy: Objective: strengthen the economic system and structure of the province Target: well planed and uniform economic, administration and project management system establish and overseen by the provincial economer’s office with qualified human resources and ensuring support for and from local economers with transparency accountability, solidarity and sustainability.

School: Objective: strengthen the schools as the main field for the Salesian youth pastoral with strong emphasis in education to the faith. Target: a program of spiritual life (formation, practice and atmosphere) provide by the Salesian youth movement coordinator and implemented by the school spiritual director in coordination with the principal, teachers, and student council.